Sue and Jim Mintun

Plan Life

When Anne Moores husband and high school sweetheart was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she knew the decision to move out of their family home would be inevitable. When their plans to move into a residence in East Aurora fell through, they decided to look into life at Fox Run.

The Moores started exploring the option of a move to Fox Run before it was even finished. During their decision making process, they noticed that life at Fox Run was different from other communities. With no set dining times, assigned seating, or mandatory activities, all choices were theirs to make. This truly independent lifestyle was a huge draw and they eventually signed on as some of the first Fox Run Community Members in 2007. They had a lot of say in the customization of their apartment, which they also considered a major benefit, allowing them to truly feel at home.

After their move, Mr. Moore’s health began to deteriorate, and the medical opportunities at Fox Run proved to be a wonderful solution. Mr. Moore was able to receive all the care he needed, and Mrs. Moore the support she needed, all on the same campus. With a plan in place, the stress of decision making was eliminated.

Since her husband’s passing, Anne has remained an active Community Member at Fox Run, where she loves the people – particularly the staff and administration. She truly enjoys her freedom and independence here, as well as the proximity to her beloved East Aurora.

And the most enjoyable part about living at Fox Run? The fact that she considers it to be a gift to her children. “They don’t have to worry,” she says, “Mom’s taken care of.”


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