Celebrate Life

Peg and Bob Cornelius

Peg and Bob Cornelius have so much to celebrate and a beautiful home in which to host those celebrations. Their Fox Run patio home has a finished second floor loft with generous space for visitors. Peg says, “There is plenty of room for our six children, seven grandchildren and more.” Peg and Bob also celebrate the fact they have made so many new friends at Fox Run. According to Peg, “The sense of community is the most outstanding asset at Fox Run.”

Both Peg and Bob have also taken advantage of the numerous programs and events at Fox Run. Both are avid gardeners and take care of the flowerbeds at their home, as well as volunteer as landscapers for the Fox Run community. Bob is a watercolor artist and has been a featured artist in The Gyda Higgins Art Gallery at Fox Run.

Bob says, “We thought we were living our life to the fullest before, but this is even better.” Peg and Bob are truly enjoying their lifestyle of independence and freedom at Fox Run; volunteering, exploring the arts, and celebrating life with family and friends.


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