Important Health Warning (Updated 07/03/20)

Fox Run is grateful to report that we continue to have zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our entire Campus.    

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) tested all of our assisted living and memory care residents for COVID-19 on Tuesday, June 16th.  All results are negative.

Under executive order, The Fox Run Health Center is still on “lock down’’.  Fox Run continues to prohibit visitors from entering our Health Center. Our residents are also restricted from leaving the Health Center to meet with family and friends.  We anxiously await direction from the Governor as to when we can re-open. We share in your frustrations, but rest assured, as soon as we receive information it will be communicated. 

In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s executive order that was extended for the second time until July 9th, Fox Run continues with weekly COVID-19 testing of all staff that work in our Health Center.  All staff continue to be screened before all shifts and monitored during their shift.

Over the course of the pandemic, the Fox Run Health Center has had a total of eight residents who have come off quarantine. Sadly, we continue to mourn the loss of our two community members whose deaths were COVID-19 related.  

Fox Run, along with our Medical Director Dr. Eileen Reilly, continue to be in daily contact with New York State DOH and our local representative from the Erie County DOH to ensure all processes and protocols are strictly followed. We continue to go above and beyond all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.  Please continue to visit our website for updates as well as our Facebook page.

Should you have questions regarding your loved one in the Health Center, please contact Fox Run’s CEO, Health Center Administrator, or Director of Nursing; their information is below.

If you would like to FaceTime with your loved one in the Health Center, schedule a balcony visit for a skilled nursing resident, or a window visit with an assisted living or memory care resident, please contact Jennifer Pellicane Activities Supervisor.  Please note for window visits the window MUST remain closed.  You can reach Jennifer at or 716.508.2157.  

Fox Run Independent Living Community Members in the Arbor View Apartment & Patio Homes:

Fox Run is thankful to report that we have not had any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our independent living apartments or patio homes.  We continue to have a no visitor policy for our entire campus.  All Fox Run staff must wear masks when in all common areas of Fox Run.

All activities and events are canceled throughout the entire campus.  Please watch the Fox Run in-house TV channel 1390 for additional programming, announcements and updates:

  • Weekly Updates from our CEO Bill Wlodarczyk – Wednesdays at 2:00pm
  • Friday Coffee Hour with Mary Wellington & Bill Wlodarczyk – Fridays at 10:30am
  • Fitness Classes with Jennelle Tucker, Fox Run Fitness Coordinator 
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Mat Pilates/Yoga – 8:00am
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Pilates/Yoga – 9:00am
    • Tuesday/Thursday – Advance Strength & Stretch – 8:00am
    • Tuesday/Thursday – Strength & Stretch – 9:00am
    • Tuesday/Thursday – Gentle Seated – 11:00am 
  • Catholic Mass with Father Fred – Saturdays at 4:00pm
  • Ecumenical Service – Sundays at 4:00pm 

Currently, the Fox Run Bistro and Oak Room are closed for seated dining. However, Fox Run is offering breakfast, lunch and dinner as take-out meals.  These meals can be delivered to your apartment and patio home, or you can pick up your take-out meal from the Bistro. Please call 716.508.2142 to place your take-out order (please leave a message if no one answers), or you can pre-order at the Bistro when you are picking up your order.  At this time, there is no delivery charge.  

With limited seating, Fox Run is excited to announce the Oak Room is scheduled to re-open on Monday, July 6th.  This date is subject to change.  The Bistro and Fox’s Den, pub, is not yet scheduled to re-open, and is closed until further notice.  The take-out and delivery options mentioned above will still be in effect with the re-opening of the Oak Room.  

Beginning on July 6th, the Oak Room will serve lunch from 11:30am-1:30pm, Monday through Saturday.  There will be a limited menu and limited seating.  

Beginning on July 6th, dinner in the Oak Room will have two seating times and RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.  Please call daily at 716.508.2142 to make a reservation, leave a message if no one answers.  

The seating times are as follows:

Seating one: 4:00pm-5:20pm 

Seating two: 5:40pm-7:00pm.  The patio will also be open, weather permitting.  The hostess will seat you.  

Coffee may be served with your dinner but dessert will be take-out only.  There will be a limited menu and limited seating.   

Beginning on July 12th, the only meal on Sunday will be brunch in the Oak Room and the patio, weather permitting.  

Brunch will be served from 11:00am-1:00pm.  Reservations NOT needed.  

No visitors or Fox Run staff are permitted in any of our dining venues until further notice.  No catering or group meals are available until further notice.  No outside food or drink can be brought into any of our dining venues.  

NEW: The Fox’s Market is available for pick up and is a fresh and innovative recipe & ingredient meal kit service provided by the Fox Run Dining Services Team.  The kits contain freshly packaged ingredients, measured and ready for you to prepare seasonal and chef-like meals from the comfort of your own kitchen.   

Included is a step by step recipe, pre-portioned ingredients that should be prepared within two days of pick-up.  One meal kit may be used for resident’s declining balance, and additional meals will be charged to the resident’s monthly service fee statement.  The kits are available for Fox Run Community Members and staff (cash only for staff).  

The weekly menu and order forms are placed in the resident’s in-house mailbox on Sundays, with additional order forms available in the Bistro.  Please return all order forms to the Bistro, or by calling the Dining Services Department at 716.508.2142. 

Some examples of the fresh gourmet entree kits include sliced pot roast & gravy with sour cream, chive mashed potatoes & roasted carrots; citrus soy glazed salmon, jasmine rice & stir fry vegetables; and seared sea scallops with lemon rice & fresh corn.  

The Fox’s Den pub is closed until further notice.  

For any Fox Run Community Members that may need a mask, please contact the Commons Reception Desk, 716.662.5001.  

Please contact Robyn Foster for help with Instacart for grocery deliveries, her information is below.  When deliveries of groceries and medications arrive for a Community Member living in the Arbor View apartments, per the pandemic guidelines, all deliveries are to be delivered to The Commons Building.  Fox Run staff will call and ask the Community Member to come to the Commons Reception Desk to pick up their items.  If the Community Member is unable Fox Run staff will deliver them. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

Deliveries of groceries and medications to the Community Members living in the Fox Run patio homes, should go directly to the patio homes. Again, we thank you for your cooperation.

If you have questions or concerns about your independent living loved one, or would like to FaceTime or Skype, please contact Mary Wellington, her information is below.

On behalf of our management team, we appreciate your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Bill Wlodarczyk, Fox Run Chief Executive Officer: or 716.508.2122

Michelle Murtha Kraus, Health Center Administrator/Associate Executive Director: or 716.508.2165

Mary Wellington, Director of Resident Services: or 716.508.2106

Janine Fino, Director of Nursing: or 716.508.2161

Jennifer Pellicane, Activities Supervisor: or 716.508.2157

Robyn Foster, Independent Living Activities Coordinator: or 716.508.2108

Bill’s June 24th video can be found here.

Director of Dining Services Mark Herle speaks about the re-opening process of the Fox Run dining venues.