Updated Health Warning (Updated 11/25/2020)

Fox Run Health Center
Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living & Memory Care
Fox Run is pleased to report we have zero confirmed resident cases of COVID-19 in our Health Center.    

Governor Cuomo’s policy on micro-cluster zones states the majority of Erie County is designated as an Orange Zone.  The Governor also revised his executive order as it relates to Skilled Nursing staff members which requires all staff working in Skilled Nursing, in an Orange Zone, must be tested for COVID-19 twice per week, until further notice.  The Assisted Living & Memory Care staff continue to be tested once per week, until 12/3/2020.

All visitation for the Health Center is suspended until further notice.

The NYSDOH came out with a new mandate with regards to Health Center residents going off the Fox Run Campus.  If you choose to take a resident who resides in the Fox Run Health Center off-campus that resident will have to quarantine at Fox Run for 14 days and is required to have three COVID-19 tests during that 14 day quarantine.  Please note this does NOT apply to necessary medical appointments. 

All Skilled Nursing residents were tested for COVID-19 on 11/17/2020, results are all negative.  The Skilled Nursing residents were tested again on 11/24/2020, and we are awaiting those results.  All residents are being monitored daily for any changes in their health.

If you have any clinical questions regarding a loved one residing in Skilled Nursing, please contact Janine Fino, RN, Director of Nursing.  If you have any clinical questions regarding a loved one residing in Assisted Living or Memory Care, please contact Dana Sagliani, RN, Program Coordinator.  If you would like to schedule a FaceTime call, or a balcony visit, please contact Jennifer Pellicane.  Contact information is listed below.  

Hair Salon Services
All hair salon services are suspended until further notice for the entire Fox Run Campus.  

COVID-19 Pandemic Overview
Over the course of the pandemic, the Fox Run Health Center has had a total of ten residents who have come off quarantine. With a deep sense of sadness, Fox Run has lost two Community Members whose deaths were COVID-19 related.  

Fox Run continues to be in daily contact with NYSDOH and our local representative from the ECDOH to ensure all processes and protocols are strictly followed. We continue to go above and beyond CDC guidelines. 

Should you have any questions regarding Fox Run and the COVID-19 pandemic please contact the Fox Run CEO Bill Wlodarczyk or Administrator Ally Olsen. Contact information is listed below.

Fox Run Independent Living
(Commons Building, Arbor View Apartments & Patio Homes)
Fox Run is saddened to report we have our first Community Member confirmed case of COVID-19 within our independent living community. We want to wish our Community Member a speedy recovery.  Fox Run followed ECDOH and performed contact tracing to mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19.   The family members and Fox Run Community Members that came into direct contact with this Community Member were notified, tested for COVID-19, and are self quarantining.   Please continue to wear your masks, social distance, wash your hands, sanitize, and when possible just stay home.

Mask Requirements
Fox Run Independent Living Community Members & staff should continue to wear a mask at all times when in all commons areas including outdoors, and must try to maintain a distance of six feet from everyone.

In-person Visitation Information for Independent Living
Limited visitation is permitted outdoors and inside individual apartments & patio homes with strict guidelines.  Visitors are NOT permitted in any indoor common areas.  We stress the importance of Community Members to closely adhere to all social distancing precautions at all times (wear masks, frequent hand washing, six feet social distancing) but particularly when having visitors on the Fox Run campus. 

All visitors must follow these important guidelines:
(Independent Living Community Members are responsible for ensuring all guidelines & protocols are followed by their visitors)

  • Visitors are permitted from 8am-8pm daily
    • No overnight visits
  • Number of visitors are limited to: 
    • Two for indoor visits per apartment or patio home
    • Four for outdoor visits per apartment or patio home
  • All visitors are required to wear a mask at all times, including outdoors, and must maintain a distance of six feet from one another
  • All visitors (including outdoor visitors) MUST FIRST check-in at the Commons reception desk
  • At check-in, a touch-less temperature check will be taken (to ensure it’s below 100℉) and each visitor must fill out a health questionnaire. If approved, a ‘visitor day pass’ will be issued
  • After checking in, visitors must go directly to the apartment, patio home, or outdoor visiting area
  • Visitors are NOT permitted to pick up meals or mail from the Commons 
  • Visitors are NOT permitted in The Oak Room including the patio, The Bistro, or The Michael J. Maloney Event Center

Travel Advisory
All visitors to the Fox Run Campus coming from another state must comply with Governor Cuomo’s travel advisory.  The guidelines for travelers visiting from non-contiguous states (states that DO NOT share a common border with NYS) still require a 14-day quarantine.  These non-contiguous out-of-state visitors may opt to ‘test out’ of the mandatory 14-day quarantine. See guidelines below. Visitors traveling from states that are contiguous with NYS will continue to be exempt from the travel advisory.   The contiguous states include Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

For any visitors traveling to NYS from out of state (except the contiguous states), new guidelines to ‘test-out’ of the mandatory 14-quarantine include:

  • For travelers who were in a non-contiguous state for more than 24-hours:
    • Traveler must obtain a COVID-19 test within three days of departure from that state
    • Traveler must, upon arrival in NYS, quarantine for three days
    • On the fourth day of quarantine, traveler must receive another COVID-19 test
    • If both tests are negative, the traveler may exit quarantine upon receipt of the second negative COVID-19 test
  • For travelers who were in a non-contiguous state for less than 24-hours: 
    • The traveler does NOT need a test prior to departure from the other state, and does NOT need to quarantine upon arrival in NYS
    • The traveler must fill out the traveler information form upon entry into NYS, and take a COVID-19 test four days after arrival back into NYS

For further clarification and questions regarding the NYS travel advisory please visit the official NYS Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 website: COVID-19 Travel Advisory, https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/covid-19-travel-advisory.

Community Information for Independent Living
Fox Run In-house TV Channel 1390 Schedule

  • Wednesday Covid Updates with Fox Run CEO, Bill Wlodarczyk
    • Wednesdays at 2:00pm
  • Friday Coffee Hour with Mary Wellington & Bill Wlodarczyk 
    • Fridays at 10:30am
  • Fitness Classes with Jennelle Tucker, Fox Run Fitness Coordinator 
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Mat Pilates/Yoga – 8:00am
    • Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Pilates/Yoga – 9:00am
    • Tuesday/Thursday – Advance Strength & Stretch – 8:00am
    • Tuesday/Thursday – Strength & Stretch – 9:00am
    • Tuesday/Thursday – Gentle Seated – 11:00am 

Dining Services
The Oak Room (formal dining), the Bistro (informal dining), the Acorn Club (private dining) and the Fox’s Den (pub) are closed for in-person dining, until further notice. 

Fox Run is offering take-out and delivery:

  • Breakfast: 8:00am-9:30am 
  • Lunch: 11:30am-1:30pm
  • Dinner: 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • Sunday Brunch (only meal): 11:00am-1:00pm
  • Place orders in person at the hostess stand or call 716.508.2142

The Fox’s Market: We recently introduced our home grown version of a meal kit service created by the Fox Run Dining Services Team. This service provides an easy way for Fox Run Community Members & staff to cook their own innovative chef-like meals right at home. Each meal kit comes with a step-by-step recipe card and all the ingredients needed, freshly packed and pre-portioned.

Fox Run Community Members may use their declining balance for one meal kit. Additional meals kits will be charged to the resident’s monthly service fee statement. Staff, cash only please. 

To Order The Fox’s Market: The current weekly menu order forms will be distributed through in-house mailboxes every Sunday.  Additional order forms are available at the hostess stand. 

Please return all order forms to the hostess stand or by calling the Dining Services Department at 716.508.2142, by the deadline listed on the order form.

Fitness Classes
The Fitness center is closed until further notice.  

Jennelle’s fitness classes will broadcast on the Fox Run in-house TV Channel 1390 and on the secure Google drive, information below.  If you have any questions please contact Jennelle, her information is below.

Personal One-on-One Training: Is suspended until further notice.

Online Classes: Fox Run Community Members may access Jennelle’s fitness videos online through a secure Google drive. These fitness videos can be watched at any time on your personal computer or device from the comfort of your own home.  

All 10 fitness classes are on the Google drive: Mat Pilates/Yoga, Pilates/Yoga, Advance Strength & Stretch, Strength & Stretch, and Gentle Seated. If you would like more information or access to these fitness videos, please contact Jennelle Tucker, Fitness Coordinator at JTucker@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2113.

Pool & Spa: The pool, hot tub & spa are all closed until further notice.  The locker room showers are also closed until further notice.  

Religious Services
In-person religious services are suspended.

Catholic Mass will broadcast on Saturday at 4pm and Ecumenical service will broadcast on Sunday at 4pm on the Fox Run in-house TV Channel 1390. 

Other Miscellaneous Information
Grocery & Medication Deliveries:

  • For assistance with Instacart deliveries, please contact Nicole Rooney, Activity Leader, her contact information is below
  • Deliveries to Community Members living in the Arbor View apartments must be delivered to The Commons Building. Fox Run staff will call and ask the Community Member to come to the Commons Reception Desk to pick up their items.  If the Community Member is unable, Fox Run staff will deliver them
  • Deliveries to Community Members living in the Fox Run patio homes should go directly to the patio homes
  • Any Fox Run Community Members that needs a mask, please contact the Commons Reception Desk

If you have questions or concerns about your Independent Living loved one please contact Mary Wellington, Director of Resident Services, her contact information is below.

On behalf of our management team, we continue to appreciate your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Contact Information:
Bill Wlodarczyk, CPA, Chief Executive Officer:
WWlodarczyk@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2122

Ally Olsen, MSW, LNHA, Administrator:
AOlsen@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2165

Mary Wellington, Director of Resident Services:
MWellington@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2106

Janine Fino, RN, Director of Nursing:
JFino@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2161

Dana Saliani, LPM, Program Coordinator:
DSagliani@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2152 

Jennifer Pellicane, Activity Supervisor:
JPellicane@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2157 

Jennelle Tucker, Fitness Coordinator:
JTucker@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2113

Nicole Rooney, Activity Leader:
NRooney@foxrunorchardpark.com or 716.508.2108                                                                                                                                                         

Our Pandemic Emergency Plan can be found here.