Jack Mescal

Experience Life

Jack Mescal

Jack Mescal has experienced a lot in his 89+ years. A Buffalo native and an orphan at age five, he was raised in foster homes and went to war as a teenager. And, although he’s too modest to admit it, Jack is an American hero, taking part in the Normandy invasion.

Jack eventually met his wife, Gerty, in Munich. They returned to New York, and settled in Elma where Jack lived 46 years before he decided to move into a Fox Run apartment. Gerty passed away before the move. She was a meticulous housekeeper and a great cook. At Fox Run Jack appreciates that housekeeping and great food is provided. According to Jack, “Cleaning up after cooking is almost as bad as cooking.”

Less cooking and cleaning gives Jack more time to experience the things in life he enjoys most. Jack enjoys people, in particular the friends he’s made at Fox Run, “They’re almost like a second family, a very big family.”

Jack is also an avid gardener, woodworker, piano player and guitar player. He spends plenty of time in the Fox Run woodworking shop crafting some of his own furniture. Jack digs his own flowerbeds and takes care of his neighbors’, as well. And once a year he travels back to Munich as he did so often with Gerty. “It’s a pretty good lifestyle here and if I go to Europe I can just close the door and not worry about anything.”